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We have a place for you!

The DreamLight Café for Bereaved Parents© is for bereaved parents who are interested in using their dreams as a tool for healing and transformative growth.


Join Carla Blowey, certified dream work facilitator (MIPD), presenter, author and bereaved mother in the DreamLight Café via Google Meet for an intimate four-week session using dreams as a tool for healing through loss and transition. 


Would you be willing to consider… that you have a choice about how a dream will impact you? Would you be willing to consider that you can choose to allow the grief dreams, the nightmares and “bad” dreams to possess you, fueling more fear and guilt? Would you be willing to consider that there are no “bad” dreams, only dreams that take a dramatically negative turn to get your attention about an issue that needs reconciling?


These intimate two-hour sessions are an opportunity to see your dreams differently by shifting your perspective to see the healing power of the dream characters, the imagery, the symbols and the landscape. Learn to discern the difference between a grief dream and a dream visit and the healing power of both dreams!


No experience necessary!

     Come with an open heart and a desire to see your grief journey              and your dreams differently! 


COMMITMENT:  We'll meet once a week for four weeks. Each meeting will be two hours in length. This will be a closed group.

WHEN:  We'll decide the date and time when you create your custom group of trusted dreamers! 


WHERE:  Online with Google Meet from the comfort of your home!

TIME:  Mornings 9:00 - 11:00 am  or  Evening 6:00- 8:00 pm  (MST) We'll decide the time that works best for both of us!


LIMITED SPACE:  Minimum 3 dreamers - maximum 5 dreamers. Invite your trusted friends to join the group! 


INVESTMENT:   $90 payable on registration - Venmo


FORMAT:  Brief introduction to dreamwork for bereaved parents using the MIPD projective dreamwork technique and MIPD Dreamer's Toolkit. Dream Q&A. Format is inclusive, non-judgmental, receptive, and safe; all participants will be bound to rules of confidentiality agreed upon at registration.

REGISTRATION:  Upon email registration you will receive link for payment made to Venmo. Once payment is made you will receive a link invite.  REGISTER HERE

© CarlaBlowey


If eyes are windows to the soul, then seeing life through the eyes of my heart unlocks the door to the soul, releasing the unseen beauty of Spirit. My grief changes when the beauty of Spirit's embrace is recognized and enters my field of awareness.


Journaling after a very emotional and profound session, my son in Spirit, Matty inspired these words:


"Dreams, they are soul's blank canvas bringing two worlds together through brush strokes of Love. Hung in the gallery of Consciousness, Insight patiently waits until the heart says "Hello I am ready".


I am ready to live the other side of pain and suffering. DreamWork sessions are a most valued resource as I travel my journey to healing. I am so very grateful to Carla and the brave souls that do the hard work of grief in our DreamWork circle. I have found peace and it is glorious!

Diane LaFlamme Romagnoli

Voice of Grief Blog  

Bedford, New Hampshire

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