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Dreaming the Way to Healing
© CarlaBlowey

“All dreams speak a universal language

and come in the service of health and wholeness.”

~ Jeremy Taylor, D. Min.


Dream work is a transformative tool for bringing our dreams of the night and our waking dreams into the light to see them differently. Symbols, images, recurring themes, and odd characters from our personal history are performed like a movie on the private screen behind our eyes. Compelled by curiosity or fear, we are the captive audience viewing this theatrical presentation of the most intimate and private parts of our life. Our fear of being overwhelmed by the dream forces us to escape the situation (we literally leave the dream theater!) by waking up and leaving the dream message incomplete. The more fearful we are of the dream images, the more power we give the dream in its negative aspect.

When working a dream one-on-one or in a group, we view our imagined version of the dreamer's dream in our personal dream theater. Our projections are based on our personal associations to the dream symbols. Using the MIPD projective dreamwork technique “If this were my dream” empowers the dreamer to see the dream  from another person’s perspective. This enables the dreamer to accept relatively challenging comments and hear and internalize them. 


Keeping in mind that only the dreamer knows for sure what his or her dream means for them, projective feedback offers a richer, deeper view of the dreamer’s associations to the symbols and characters in the dream.

As a certified dreamwork facilitator my role is to create a safe,  compassionate and welcoming space for the dreamer to explore the multiple layers and meanings of their dream using this technique.

Our soul is always trying to bring itself into balance and points out emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that need our attention.  When we are willing to see our dreams differently, we are in a mode of healing - letting go of perceptions that inhibit our personal and spiritual growth. With each insight we can examine the diverse issues and hidden agendas that block the path to healing. When we make connections to personal and archetypal symbols from the inner world, we can develop creative solutions for our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being in the outer world. 

All workshop programs and individual sessions are beneficial for anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one, experiencing a major life transition or personal loss; working as a support group facilitator, caregiver, grief counselor or therapist with bereaved individuals, parents, families and children; wanting to improve dream recall or explore the inner world of dreams; and anyone who is dreaming big, small or not at all!

Dream work outside the clinical setting is not a substitute for psychotherapy or other professional treatment, and should not be used as such. The material presented in workshops, dream groups or individual sessions are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal, psychological or other professional advice on any subject matter. Carla Blowey (and associates/group members) are not responsible for any loss, misunderstanding or actions which may arise with the participant from information discovered in dream work.

Please contact Carla for costs, payment options and customized services at or 970-209-7217

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