Posted on January 7, 2022 at 1:00 AM

Dear Family & Friends of Dreaming Kevin,

You have warmed my heart with your kind and loving messages for the 31st anniversary of Kevin’s transition to new life. For the past three decades my New Year officially begins the day after his anniversary. Typically, the week leading up to it is a contemplative time reflecting on the “miracles” that altered my life and brought healing. This holiday season, Kevin delivered one of those mind-altering miracles literally “racing” into the present to capture my attention, leaving me speechless and rehabilitated. I’ll keep the details private to honor his gift but trust me…I got the message.


My sense is that a “miracle” is an act of grace that overturns a misperception – a perception or a belief which was upside down and is turned right side up, literally upending the distortion of truth enabling us to see it differently. Its emphasis is on healing false perceptions of suffering and pain which at its core is a belief that I am separated from God, the source of Love.


Earlier this week I posted an excerpt (see FBpost on 1-7) from Dreaming Kevin illustrating my understanding that I am never separated from that source of Love. It is only when my perceptions are shaped through the lens of fear that I believe I am separated from Love and all that is created by Love. Dreaming Kevin, not the book, but DREAMING Kevin has confirmed this for me time and time again. But even the most ardent and skilled dreamworkers need a reality check now and then. ;)


These past two years of living and aging gratefully yet clumsily through a pandemic have emphasized this notion greatly. In the midst of the deepest, most heart-wrenching times of loss those miracles persist, challenging me to see differently and inspiring me to not only show up for others but for myself as well with compassion, acceptance and love.


Today, I sit quietly in gratitude with an appreciation and awe for the gift of grace that moves through my life offering such profound levels of healing and growth. Thirty-one years ago, shackled in fear, I could not have imagined it so.


Thank you all for being a part of my journey, supporting Dreaming Kevin and my dreamwork practice!


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