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Posted on June 5, 2016 at 6:35 PM

I've wanted to blog about dreaming for a long while and one thing or another (life!) has distracted me from creating this page and sticking with it. I want to do it but I don't want to do it every day! I'd rather write when the spirit moves me to do so - when its relevant and needed. Goodness, it's taken me this long just to come up with a title. I'm still feeling distracted and haven't written anything other than this rambling excuse!


That said, I really do love the title...Dreaming the Way to Healing. :) 

Until I get my thoughts together and form something intelligible, for a while I'll post some past musings from the Dream Light Connection newsletter.

TRANSFORMING OUR PAIN - Dream Light Connection Newsletter, Spring 2014

"I dreamed I was cleaning and sorting again. Ugh. I heard someone come in and looked up. It was my mom carrying Kevin (he was about two-years old). She handed him to me and I realized his clothes were soaking wet. I said, "Oh honey! We need to change your clothes!" I stripped him down and dried him off. As I was him close, I had a lucid thought that Kevin's appearance was about the book." January 26, 2014

As I recall the dream and write this, I can feel all my "motherly" emotions and love for my baby. That felt good in the dream, as it does now...the remembering.

If this was your dream, you might have stopped there, satisfied with reliving the memory of being a mother again. You might have internalized those warm feelings and gone on with your day.

I could have too, except for that ending about the lucid thought nudging me on to go deeper. It's a significant break in the flow of the dream urging me to become conscious and awakened to a higher thought. This is an important marker in the dream, indicating that I am willing to see something more.

I had the dream in January, the month of the 23rd anniversary of Kevin's death. My mother-in-law (and Kevin's grandmother) died a few weeks before the holidays. It was an emotionally charged time cleaning and sorting through her belongings. I found several of Grandma's personal notes tucked away in drawers and boxes expressing her unbearable sorrow about her beloved grandson. Grandma's unspoken grief of 23 years triggered memories and my own grief - reconciled long ago but animated once again.

As an experienced dream worker, I recognize Kevin's appearance in my dream as being symbolic of my past self - "soaking wet" from the tides of grief. Clearly, this is not a "dream visit". In "changing" Kevin's wet clothing (my drenched emotions), I realize my innate need and desire for healing yet another layer of this trauma. I mindfully changed my "grief clothing" and that point is a profound transition in the dream to a higher consciousness.

"I had a lucid thought that Kevin's appearance was about the book."

I see that the dream was affirming my choice to awaken and see more. The depth of my dream work these past two years enabled me to develop Dreaming Kevin's principal message from hope to transformative healing. I could not have accomplished that without wearing my grief clothes again, soaked in tears. In the process, there were moments I had to revisit and emotions I had to wear again. The dream shows me that the protective mother within me instinctively knew when to strip down, bare it all,  and dry off. I love the handing off between my mother and me - a symbolic transfer of the naked issue at hand.

I love the influence of dream work and its power to transform our pain. Are you willing to change your clothes?

Dreams & Blessings,


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