DREAMING KEVIN: The Path to Healing
2014 Expanded Edition

A true story of a bereaved mother's journey to the dreamtime in search of her son.


What readers say about Dreaming Kevin

Quotes "Dreaming Kevin is a journey from sudden grief to a clearer understanding that we all live in the Heart Light of God. It is a story of how we hold on to our misconceptions despite many messages about our true nature, until we are faced with an event so profound that it shakes the very core of our being. Kevin's life and death are messages of hope, not only to his family, but to all of us. We know, as surely as his mother now knows, that the Great Mysteries of God transcend ordinary human beliefs and experiences. Our dreams are doorways to that knowing. Dreaming Kevin is a wonderful book that challenges us to face our own grief and to journey with the author into the Dream Time to find the answers to our healing. I was changed by taking this journey." Quotes
Arlyn McDonald
Nurturing Our Inner Selves: A Huna Approach to Wholeness

Quotes "In a carefully crafted and honest unfolding of grief at the loss of her son Kevin; Carla Blowey shares her story in a way that will touch many hearts. The reader feels the range of grief emotions in the day by day effort to grasp on to life when all seems irrelevant. Dreaming Kevin is worded in such a way that persons are affirmed in their own grief journey. Sharing her dreams, unlocking their meaning and working toward wholeness for herself and her family, Carla Blowey's story belongs to so many yet stands on its own since no one can individualize another's grief. The reality is that the dream becomes an adventure--searching deeper life of faith and trust in God, our God who cares and loves, while leading us to forgiveness and healing. This is what makes this book a treasure of memories and a compass toward new beginnings." Registered Director of Rainbows and Grief Care Consultant for Children in Grief Quotes
Sr. Toni Gallagher, RSM
San Francisco, CA