DREAMING KEVIN: The Path to Healing
2014 Expanded Edition

A true story of a bereaved mother's journey to the dreamtime in search of her son.


What readers say about Dreaming Kevin

Quotes Carla Blowey's journey into the world of dreams, parental grief, and the realms of reconciliation and healing beyond these thresholds, is truly moving, profound, and of great value to anyone, whether or not they have had similar experiences in the waking world. Dreaming Kevin is a work of grace, skill, and dedication to the deeper truth - it is not to be missed! ~Rev. Jeremy Taylor, D.Min. ~author, "Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill", Co-founder and Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, (IASD), Founder-Director of the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, (MIPD), Member of the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries (UUSCM) Quotes
Rev. Jeremy Taylor, D.Min.

Quotes Carla provides the participants in her dream workshops with unique and invaluable insights into the world of their own dreamscapes. During Carla's interactive workshops, she offers techniques and exercises to help us self-interpret our dreams, for the purpose of healing emotional wounds, life's losses and challenges, as well as everyday struggles. I sat on the edge of my seat for the whole workshop, since Carla is such a dynamic speaker and teacher! Being able to interpret my own dreams has created a huge improvement in my well-being... I had no idea my own dream world was so enlightening and empowering! Quotes
Judith Guggenheim
co-author, "Hello from Heaven" and co-founder The ADC Project

Quotes A keynote speaker sets the tone for the conference and opens the heart. And that, is what Carla did at The All-Inclusive Care for Children Coalition?s Conference: Beyond Words: Redefining Loss through Creative Approaches. She moved seamlessly through the entire morning, shared her story, so beautifully written about in Dreaming Kevin, offered detailed and expert information on dreams, and finally facilitated a personal dream analysis experience. Participants were exposed to something new, something enriching, and something unforgettably moving...love flowed through her. A great keynote! (author Falling into Grace: A Mother?s Journey through Death and Rebirth) Quotes
Sharon Strouse, MA, ATR
Art therapist, Bereaved Mom, Author - Baltimore, MD

Quotes I first met Carla at a BPUSA conference several years ago where we were both presenting. Since then, we have worked together and I have attended her dream workshop for the bereaved?many times. Carla has an incredible gift as a dream?worker and even a greater gift in teaching her skills to the?bereaved and broken hearted. Her knowledge in this area surpasses any?workshop or book that I have read on this fascinating subject. Last year at a conference in Syracuse, NY, a woman?sitting next to me during Carla's presentation was?profoundly affected by one of Carla's dream work exercises. She was able to recall a?powerful visitation dream experience she had years prior. Tears of joy?streamed down her faces as she fully recalled a dream, long forgotten, of?someone she loved dearly and realized for the first time... it was not just a?dream. Quotes
Mitch Carmody
Author, Speaker, Bereaved Dad, Hastings, MN

Quotes I've worked with many spiritual teachers and counselors, and Carla is one of the most compassionate and intuitive I've encountered. She is brilliant at dream work because she can see things that the rest of us miss, and her way of interpreting the symbols, words, numbers, objects and actions that occur in dreams is truly unique. I recommend her workshop for anybody who dreams, and also for anybody who thinks they don't dream! Quotes
Terri Daniel
Author, Hospice Chaplain, Death Awareness Educator - Portand, OR

Quotes Your keynote speech and activities at the Beyond Words Conference were more than helpful to me! As I worked within the small group dream analysis and inquiry, I learned something new about a dream had with my son Scott, who had died twelve years earlier. I was?so happy to have a?key?message?from my dream come forth through the discussion! I had never given?as?much thought to my dreams as?I do now. I am so grateful for your sharing your expertise with us Carla. Your guiding us through the process of analyzing our dreams also helped me when I returned home as well! I had a dream about a time in my past in which I was unable to face certain fears about a relationship that had ended. As I shared this dream with my husband, I was able to see much more coming through from the dream than I ever would have before I heard your tips. The details were vivid?and the messages were quite insightful and astounding! Thank you Carla! It?all comes from my heart! Quotes
Sara Ruble
Author, Bereaved Mom - Stow, OH

Quotes I had the privilege of seeing Carla Blowey deliver the keynote address and present her workshop "Dreams : A Blessing in Disguise For Healing Loss" at a bereavement conference in Verona, New York during September of this year. Carla is a dynamic and heartfelt speaker, whose grief journey following the tragic death of her son Kevin is an inspiration and hope for bereaved individuals struggling to find meaning after loss. Her interactive workshop offers valuable tools for the bereaved to discover the power of dreams to transform how we view loss.... and death. Quotes
David Roberts, LMSW,CASAC
Bereaved Dad

Quotes I am grateful for the enlightening experience of attending?the keynote workshop by Ms. Carla Blowey at the Beyond Words: Redefining Loss Through Creative Approaches Conference?in September 2010. Although her reputation preceded her, I found those accolades not exaggerated but possibly minimized. She is a sincere, caring human being who is a gem in the field of grief and loss, a powerful presenter and an inspiration with enlightening and valuable insights. As a trainer, she opens your awareness to the power of dreams and gives you the tools to assist with your unfolding journey. As a person, she inspires others as she conveys and embodies the message of comfort and self empowerment with grace and love. She is a truly talented and inspiring woman. (author of Afterlife Agreements: A Gift From Beyond Quotes
Chris Mulligan
Author, Bereaved Mom - Portland OR

Quotes I have got to say this is one of the most wonderful books that I have ever read. It made me feel like I needed get out all of my little boys things to see if there are signs. My daughter also had a dream a month prior to the loss of our little one. It was a very and difficult dream in which she knew her brother would die. She woke up screaming. I wish I would have paid more attention, but then how do you stop something that is beyond your control? I am going to buy two books for our satellite chapters. I think that everyone should have the opportunity to read this book. After I completed it, I gave the book to my closest friend to read before we put it in our library. It is a wonderful, wonderful book! Thanks so much! Quotes
Debbie Cameron-Brown
Bereaved Mom, TCF Salt Lake City Chapter, UT

Quotes Reading Dreaming Kevin provided additional validation to me and my husband, and to our dream experiences with our son. Carla Blowey should be admired for the strength and courage to document her experiences in this disbelieving society. I recommend that all grieving parents open their hearts and their minds to her story. Quotes
L. Barnett
Bereaved Mom, Jacksonville FL